Avonmore Lodge No. 452

A.F. & A.M. G.R.C in the Province of Ontario

Ingleside Masonic Center,

11 Memorial Square,
Ontario, Canada
K0C 1M0

Meets: 2nd Wednesday of the month @ 7:30pm

For more information contact:

W. Bro. James Watkins – jimdonnawatkins@gmail.com

Avenmore 452

History of Avonmore Lodge # 452

On  February 28th,1901 a meeting was held by eight masons for the purpose of petitioning Grand Lodge to grant dispensation to hold a lodge A.F.& A.M. in Avonmore.  Chesterville Lodge and Maxville Lodge were asked  for their consent.  These eight masons were members of six different lodges and included C.B. Graham of Maxville #418 and S.E. Shaver of Chesterville #320.

At this first meeting it was decided that this new lodge would be called “Avonmore Lodge” and that regular meetings would be held on the Tuesday on or before the full moon of each month.  That date remained until May 1965 when meetings were moved to the third Monday.

Avonmore Lodge was instituted on September 26th, 1901 at Oscar Fulton Hall in Avonmore. R.W. Bro. D.E. Cumming  D.D.G.M.  of St. Lawrence District  read the dispensation from Grand Lodge.  Fifteen charter members approached the altar and took the obligation given by R.W. Bro. Cumming.  Brothers Gillespy and Elliot of Chesterville and Bro. A.A. Sproul of Maxville spoke for the good of the order.  Two applications were read and Avonmore Lodge was off and running.

In 1905 Avonmore Lodge moved to the W.J. McCart Hall where they remained for nine years,  after which they moved to the I.O.O.F. Hall.  They remained there for sixty-one years until moving to the present location in Monkland in May of 1975.

As an example of the zeal shown for the craft in the past, it is worthy to note that on April 25th 1946 Maxville Lodge conferred the 3rd degree on Bro. Donald Shaver in Avonmore Lodge.  There being in attendance: 21members of Avonmore Lodge, 17 members of Maxville Lodge, 21 members of Massena Lodge and 41 members from other lodges.  That is 100 masons out for a meeting.

Over the years our records indicate that 359 brethren have been members of Avonmore Lodge.  As is the case with masonry in general they have come from all walks of life and all have had individual talents to offer the lodge and the craft.  We don’t have 100 masons at a meeting any more, but the interest and dedication of the brethren to the lodge and the craft  is still strong and this can only mean that Avonmore Lodge will continue to be a place where good men can be made better.