District Charity

Eastern District will continue to support the Grand Master’s Prostate Hope Charity. Last year our district, in conjunction with matching funds from our community banks, the Masonic Foundation of Ontario and the Ottawa Hospital Foundation, was able to raise over $80,000. This concerted effort hopes to raise One Million Dollars to be applied towards research and awareness of this very serious disease that affects one in seven men over the age of 55. Early detection and diagnosis is one of the best ways to conquer this disease and in this respect we will encourage our members to have annual testing.  Funds collected under various activities scheduled for the coming 12 months will be directed to support research into new medical treatments for prostate cancer patients.

Masonic Association of Eastern District Student Bursary

The District continues to support local students through the MAED Bursary Program. Over the years, tens of thousands of dollars have been awarded to dozens of students eager to continue post secondary education. Our children are our future. Let’s give them every opportunity to advance their education in these times of reduced opportunities and higher competition. We encourage our members to make a tax deductible contribution to the MAED Bursary to help support this important educational support program.

Multiple Myeloma Canada

In support of my theme promoting “to make a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge”, I am instituting a “Book of the Work Buy Back Program”. To encourage uniformity of ritual work in our district it is my desire to have everyone with only the latest version of our Work. I am offering $1 for the return of each out of date Book of the Work. ( Current revision is 2013). Furthermore , for each book I will make a contribution of $1 to the Multiple Myeloma Canada, involved in the research of several debilitating blood cancers.

Thank you for your support

R.W.Bro. Andrew Ciastek