R.W. Bro. Len Finnamore


canscR.W. Bro. Len Finnamore


I am extremely honoured and privileged to serve as the Grand Master’s

representative for Eastern District for the ensuing year. I am particularly grateful to the members of Cornwall-Corinthian Lodge for submitting my name, and to the brethren of the District for supporting their nomination. I have thoroughly enjoyed the support and guidance from all brethren within the District which has better prepared me for the responsibilities and duties of my office.R.W.Bro. Finnamore

My theme for the year will be: Building through Participation”.

Our fraternity is not without challenges, especially with respect to a declining

membership. I look forward to working together to ensure that Masonry remains vital and vibrant throughout our District. I plan to achieve this goal by having the Lodges work together in sharing resources and information. I would like to have maximum

on-going participation in district events including the meetings of the Masonic Associ-ation of Eastern District whilst maintaining the material relating to your lodge on the District web site. Working together as a team will most certainly make this an achievable goal.

Best Fraternal Regards,

R.W. Bro. Len Finnamore

District Deputy Grand Master

6814 Riverview Drive

Cornwall Ontario, K6H 7M1




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