R.W Bro. Andrew Ciastek

District Deputy Grand Master Eastern District 2016-2017

Let me first thank you, the Brethren of Eastern District, for all your support over the past several years, resulting in our Grand Master, confirming me as Eastern District’s D.D.G.M. for the 2016-17 Masonic Year. Since my Initiation, I have broadened my scope of Masonic participation. I have adopted Masonry as my way through life. Brotherly andrew_ciastek_web_finalLove Relief and Truth are my guide in my professional and personal life. Of equal importance, I have found that you get from Masonry what you are willing to put into it. Enjoy your time with our Fraternity! I hope each of you may increase your participation in some aspect of your Lodge, and thus achieve a greater sense of satisfaction from our Masonic Arts. Be the example of the ideal of a freemason, for our new members as they advance in our Craft. Thus my theme for the year:
“To Make a Daily Advancement in Masonic Knowledge”.
I encourage you to add to your knowledge of the Ritual, participate in lodge work, and most important, mentor the candidates of your lodge as they progress in Masonry. That they will ultimately reflect honour on your choice.

District Charity Projects 2016-2017