Henderson Lodge No. 383

History of Henderson Lodge A.F. and A.M. No. 383 G.R.C

Henderson Lodge No. 383, A.F. & A.M. on the G.R.C. in the Province of Ontario, was organized December 27, 1879, under a dispensation granted by the Grand Master, Most Worshipful James Alexander Henderson. The Charter Members were: George Percival Sills, W.M.; Eli Lester White, S.W.; Alex Cameron, J.W.; A.E. Scott, George Henderson, J.A. Waterson, Alpin Campbell, Robert Reddick, James Alexander, David Wishart, Joseph Young, Asa Beach, James L. Holmes, and Samuel Swerdfeger, all former members of Chesterville Lodge No. 320, G.R.C..

The Lodge was named after the Grand Master, James Alexander Henderson.

At various times since its organization, Henderson Lodge has had hard struggles for existence.  In fact, at one time shortly after its organization, the members almost decided to surrender the Charter, but seven of them pledged themselves to underwrite the financial obligations of the Lodge and as a result, the Lodge survived to go on to greater membership and better things.

Henderson Lodge has always been fortunate enough to have men of sterling character and marked ability to fill the chairs and to take an active interest in the regular work of the Lodge.  Henderson Lodge has furnished six (6) District Deputy Grand Masters who have each been men outstanding in their community, in Henderson Lodge and in the Craft.

The territorial jurisdiction of Henderson Lodge covers not only the Village of Winchester, but also the Villages of Ormond, Vernon, Winchester Springs, Inkerman, Hallville, Mountain and South Mountain and these various districts have had their share in providing Officers for the Lodge and have played a great part in the more recent history of Henderson Lodge.

After three-quarters of a century in rented premises, Henderson Lodge in 1961 acquired its own building; erected and finished in great measure by members of the Lodge, upon a lot in the centre of the Village of Winchester, donated by Fred M. Cass.  The current building provides a Lodge room and also a fine meeting room known as Henderson Hall. An illuminated sign over the front door, was installed in memory of long-time Treasurer, Harry L. Flora, identifies the building.

The property is administered by the Winchester Masonic Temple Corporation of which all members of Henderson Lodge are the only members.