History of Eastern District

Eastern District was created on July 21, 1904 by a redistribution of the Lodges in St. Lawrence, Frontenac and Ottawa Districts at a Meeting of Eastern Ontario Masons in Brockville, Ontario where the 49th  Annual Communication of Grand Lodge was held. On that date, there were a total of 59 Lodges in Frontenac, St. Lawrence and Ottawa Districts.

The Lodges were redistributed as follows to create Eastern District:

Frontenac District No. 14           15 Lodges

St.Lawrence District  No.15        14 Lodges

Ottawa District No. 16                 16 Lodges

Eastern District No. 21                 14 Lodges


1904 – Eastern District is created.

1913 – A per capita assessment is authorized to cover D.D.G.M. expenses.

1925 –  A Past Masters, Masters and Wardens Association is formed. The r etiring D.D.G.M. is required to provide his successor with Regalia.

1932 – Rotation of  the Office of District Deputy Grand Master through the Lodges is authorized.

1963 – A Bursary Fund is established.

1965 – The Bursary Fund is named The Frederick Earle Eaton Masonic Bursary Fund in honour of the late R.W. Bro. Frederick Eaton

1974 – The Bursary Fund becomes a Registered Charitable Foundation.

1992 – Association name is changed to “The Masonic Association of Eastern District”  allowing  all Master Masons to be members.

1993 – 20 vests with Masonic Crest and Association name are purchased.

1997 – Rotation of the Offices of the two Vice-Presidents, the President and the Past  President  was authorized so there would be progression through these positions to the position of District Deputy Grand Master.

2007 – Association By-Laws were changed to allow all Masons to be Members.

2007 – A Benevolence Guideline for the administration of benevolence was approved.

2007 – A heritage style building has been acquired and donated to Upper Canada Village for  use as a display Masonic Lodge Room.  Corner Stone laying will be June 21, 2008.