Martintown Lodge No. 596

A.F. & A.M. G.R.C in the Province of Ontario (Instituted 1922)

29 South Terrace Street (corner Maple),
Lancaster,  Ontario, Canada, K0C 1N0

Meets: Third Thursday of the month at 7:30pm

For more information contact:

W. Bro. B. Van Rankin –

Martintown 596

History of Martintown Lodge A.F and A.M No. 596 G.R.C

First Meeting, under dispensation, March 2, 1922.

First Regular Meeting, March 9, 1922.

Consecration of Lodge Sept 22, 1922.


W.M.     A.G. Gordon

S.W.      H.S. Kinloch

J.W.      H.M. Grant

Chap.   C. Campbell

Treas.  T.R. Craig

Sec.   D.H. McDougall

S.D.   G. Butzer

J.D.    D.A. Grant

I.G.     N. Loynachan

Tyler  J.R. May

Most of the Charter Members were also members of Lancaster Lodge #207. The Worshipfull Master was from Shilo, Sask.  and the others from Maxville Lodge and one from Brighton.

The buildings included:  1st – Main Street Martintown, 2nd – Former Munros Mills Public School, Glen Roy Road, 3rd – Martintown Community Centre, 4th – Presently renting from Lancaster Lodge.



   D. S. McIntosh                  1939-40

   K. N. McDermid               1958-59

   S. Blackadder                    1978-79

   J. Ward                              1998-99.


   Rev. Robertson Millar     1959-60


   D. A. Ross                         1940-41

   A. G. Gordon                    1959-60

   K. C. Gordon                    1970-71


 Special mention is made of the following members who are worthy of emulation and praise. They have gone that extra mile to accomplish something which has reflected positively on their Lodge and Community.

V. W. Bro. Duncan A. Ross: First person to be initiated  in Martintown,   March 9, 1922.

 Worshipful Master  1927, Secretary from 1930 to 1944. Had a political career serving on council of    Charlottenburg Township and also as MPP  at Queen’s Park fron 1919-23.

W. Bro. John McLennan: Initiated in Martintown Lodge April 13, 1922.

Worshipful Master 1930. A very successful Ayrshire farmer, he spent several years in local politics, including a term as Reeve of Charlottenburg Township.

W. Bro. Kenneth M. Barton: Initated Nov. 11, 1937.

Worshipful Master 1945. A respected and successful businessman in Martintown for many years. He was very active in community affairs and served on council in Charlottenburg including a term as Reeve.

Rt. Wor. Bro. Stuart Blackadder: Initated Nov. 8,1956.

Worshipful Master  1966-67. A very successful farmer, he served on the local school board for several years. He being an advocate of perfection of the work, demanded that everyone should do likewise to the best of their ability. His influence gave Martintown Lodge the reputation of being second to none in the quality of work in the Lodge.