MasoniCh.I.P Ontario

Masonichip-logo-2Vital Statistics:
According  to  statistics  released by Canada’s “Our Missing Children” site,  and  Ontario Child Find, every year over 60,000 children are reported missing  in Canada, with Ontario having the highest proportion per  capita  at  almost  20,000.  The  key  to  recovering  these children  is  quick  action  by  parents,  and  law  enforcement agencies.  Statistics also state that;


Why the EZ Child ID System?

MasoniCh.I.P Ontario will be using the most comprehensive digital fingerprinting childID system available.  EZ  Child ID worked  directly  with  the  National MasoniCh.I.P.  Foundation  in  developing  this  software. They  have  worked  with law enforcementofficials to ensure that this digital fingerprinting system is up to their standards. They have taken it one step further and included a digital  fingerprint  analysis  software package to make sure all the necessary “points”  on fingerprints areFingerprint.jpg obtained.  This will  ensure  that  all  the  vital  information  required  by the  Amber  Alert  system is  captured.  This  software even  records a  digital  video with voice, which is saved in  digital avi format. The EZ Child ID form includes all 10 fingerprints and is saved in the  universal  PDF  format. The parent not only receives a printed form,  they  also receive a CD with all their  child’s information  on  it.  This  allows  the  parent   the opportunity  to  reprint  the  EZ  Child  ID  form at  home if  they  desire. To help protect  from identity theft,  the software was written so  that no  information  from the  child  is  saved  on  the  computer.  Once you start over, all of the  data  is  permanently  erased.

The parent is the only person who retains their Child’s information.

Why go to this extent?

All of this technology aids in the reporting time if a child has gone missing.  The parent  can take the CD to a police department to be downloaded, or even  email  the form. There is no other system that is as comprehensive   as  the

EZ  Child  ID System. To  make it even better, the system comes  completely assembled and can be set up in under 30 seconds!

Easy to Use:

The  EZ  Child  ID  System   was   developed   from   the  ground   up  with  Biosheet“TechnologyMade  Simple”. The  software  was designed so that with only   5  minutes  of  training anyone can use it.  There is a quality data check list which verifies that you have completed each step correctly.  There is also     an  easy  to  use step  by  step  instruction booklet  with every machine. To the  right,  you  will  see a sample of the  bio-sheet that can be printed, and below is a photo of the actual unit that MasoniCh.I.P. Ontario will be using.


Will scan all 10 fingerprints produces a still photo
Produces a video with audio
Burns all info to CD-Rom
All files are deleted after
each session

MasoniCh.I.P. Ontario will also feature a  wax wafer dental impression system.




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