District Deputy Official Visit Plantagenet Lodge No.186 May 11,2009

On May 11,2009 R.W. Bro Bob Cleary made his last District Deputy official visit of the year at his home lodge, Plantagenet Lodge No. 186 The meeting was preceded by a meal at the South Plantagenet Hall which was full to capacity. More than eighty masons crowded into the Plantagenet lodge room for this final visit. So full was the room that visiting delegations  had to exit after being received and wait for all delegations  after which more chairs were brought in to fill the room to capacity.  The normal photo of the attendees was virtually impossible so we hope that you will appreciate the photo below of seventeen District Deputy Grand Masters of Eastern District spanning forty years.


A distinguished group of DDGM’s whose ongoing service and dedication to the craft have made Eastern District what it is today and help to keep us on course for the future.


Master of Ceremonies W.Bro. Doug Cameron got the evening going after the head table was piped in by Brethren of the South Glengarry Pipe Band


Capacity Crowd still arriving. R.W. Bro. Rev John Moor was almost called upon to attempt the miracle of the loaves and fishes but the Ladies of Plantagenet lodge pulled it off in their usual fine style and a wonderful meal was enjoyed by all


R.W. Bro Bob Cleary welcomed visiting St. Lawrence District DDGM  R.W. Bro Lorne D. MacDonald