R.W. Bro. Bob Cleary

District Deputy Grand Master 2008-2009

Cleary largeWOW, WHAT A RIDE!

Thank you my Brethren of Eastern District and in particular the members of Plantagenet Lodge No. 186 in Riceville, for your confidence and allowing me to serve as your District Deputy Grand Master for 2008/2009.

I am most grateful for the wonderful support you have given our District Team throughout the year and for your outstanding involvement in our District Programs.  Your generosity towards our Eastern District Fundraising Project in support of “Prostate Cancer Research” has been overwhelming to say the least.  We will now close our Project having raised $6,400.00 which more than doubles our original goal of $3,000.00 and more importantly we have raised the awareness level of the need for Early Testing Now!

A very special word of thanks is extended to V.W. Bro. John Clemens who, for the second time (1992 & 2008) served as our District Secretary and also to V.W. Bro. David Lingley our Assistant District Secretary.  Both these fine Brethren worked tirelessly to ensure that you and I were well looked after and that the year rolled by as effortlessly as possible.

Our year has been deemed to be a “success” my friends and that success has only been achieved through your excellent participation and the outstanding dedication of your District Team.  You are all to be commended for having worked together towards achieving our goals and in support of our District Theme “Brotherhood”.

I am most proud to say that through your efforts the Masons of Eastern District remained united together as Brothers, working in the best interest of Masonry in Eastern District, our Grand Jurisdiction and the Communities in which we live.
Thanks for the Memories my Brethren and May God Bless You All.