R.W. Bro. Dan Wert

District Deputy Grand Master 2015-2016

Brethren of Eastern District. It’s with great pleasure and pride that I say thank you very much for electing me to serve as your District Deputy Grand Master for 2015 -2016. In Eastern district it was a long journey to get here.Dan-Wert large

I would like to thank the members of Finch Lodge No. 557 for originally nominating me for the position as 2nd Vice President to our MAED association. But since that time Finch lodge has gone into darkness and although I dearly miss the fellowship with those brethren that we formed with each other over thirty years, having joined Lost Villages NO. 256 another door of opportunity has opened.

I must thank them for the support that they have given me, and the commitment to make the ensuing year a success in allowing me to be a representative of the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario, M.W John C. Green.
Pride in Masonry will be my motto this year and I hope it will continue into the future.

To encourage new membership we must show pride in what we do and who we are. Without pride there is no reason to ask members to do degree work to the best of their ability . Always try to wear a symbol to show the world who you are. With that thought, this year I will give each new Mason, Fellowcraft and Master Mason a gift of a ring so that they can proudly show the world that they are a member of one of the best fraternal societies known to mankind.

Yours Fraternally
R. W. Bro. Daniel J Wert
District Deputy Grand Master