Website Submissions  welcomes submissions for inclusion on the website. Please note the following general conditions and  requirements.

Calendar Items

  • This information will appear on the “Calendar Page” and may also be featured on the updates page.
  • Calendar items include, emergent meetings, meeting changes, speakers in lodge, special events, inter-district events and programs, locally held Grand Lodge events.
  • Degree work may be noted and EAM team events will be highlighted.

Special Events

  • These events will appear under the “News and Events Page”.
  • Items for inclusion are generally restricted to District Level Events  DDOV’s, Traveling Gavel etc. would also qualify.
  • Please send text unformatted. A paragraph in the body copy of an e-mail is quite acceptable
  • All submissions will be evaluated to determine whether or not they meet the criteria.
  • Please submit digital photos full resolution but at a reduced size.
  • All photos should be accompanied by a  L to R identification of  ALL the subjects. In group shots where this may be impractical please include the names of the main participants( eg: award recipient, important visitor etc and their position L to R )
  • The photos should be accompanied by a synopsis of the event (5w’s etc).

Lodge Information

  • Masters messages may be submitted monthly.
  • History may be changed whenever appropriate

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